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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Having a tailor-made life insurance policy to meet your needs is something everyone can benefit from. We provide a needs analysis based on a few questions that will give our team the ability to put you in the right plan at your stage in life. Remember life insurance doesn’t get cheaper with age so call today!

What Are Your Goals?

Understanding your goals is essential in the purchase of a life insurance product. Will you need a term policy, a whole life policy, or perhaps an index universal life or annuity-based product? This question can be established through goal setting. Is your goal to specifically protect loved ones at a young age? Is your goal to leave a legacy policy to your family? Is your goal to simply cover final expense?

Term or Whole Life

The two most common types of life insurance are term and whole life. A term policy is what the name implies. It is a term-defined policy that will mature after a specific number of payments, it’s like a lease or renting a home. Whole life, on the other hand, is more like purchasing a home. It is designed to pay out a specific sum of money yet keep the premiums the same for the rest of the life of the policy. It too will gain cash value unlike a term policy.

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